Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sexual Selection and the Battle for Masculinity

A Satire - with a lot of truth

Sean Ewart


It's time to face facts. Feminism has been a thoroughly successful affair, in the West, and continues to mold social discourse today. As it should. There is no questioning the rights of women, that they are truly equals to men. The time is fast approaching, however, that men must take a stand. Enough, I believe, is enough. There are simple truths about biology and psychology which must be taken into account as we consider the future of the equality of men and women, truths which are innate to our human nature. This article is directed at men. It is time we make a stand – perhaps our last stand – in the face of the greatest assault on the value of masculinity of all time.

There is a trend in all areas of society in which women are becoming evermore powerful. Equality requires equity of power distribution as well as respect, and so this is truly laudable. Since 1789, only 2% of the members of congress have been women. Today, however, 17% of the congressional seats are filled by women, a tremendous, though not total, achievement. Women are making strides towards equality in the armed forces as well, in the work place, in pay, in short, in all facets of society. Marx said that we can judge the progress of a civilization by the relative status of women within. We should all take pride in the progress the West has made in securing the rights of women, indeed, it is one of our greatest accomplishments.

Historically women have largely been viewed as commodities by men, objects to be bartered and haggled over. While there are notable exceptions to this rule, they are simply not the norm, and succeeded in spite of male dominance, not because of it. Many cultures which exist today still harbor this backwards mentality towards women. Jealous males covering their female assets in canvas bags may make some evolutionary sense, but if we are all going to shamelessly play according to the rules of natural selection, we shouldn't even bother with stressing equality between men. We certainly are, in a meaningful way, victims of our genes, but we are not merely so. We are victims who are increasingly aware of the forces holding us hostage, and increasingly rebellious. Rape may be 'natural' yet it is also morally reprehensible, because we cannot hold onto the sanctity of our own rights without logically extending those rights to others around us. In as much as the subjugation of women can be explained in evolutionary terms, their liberation can be expounded in moral terms.

Men are the genetic 'seeders' and women the fertile ground which nurtures the next generation of humans. The investment which women place in their offspring necessitates that they are selective in their mates, choosing the best set of genes and the male who will bring the most to the parenting process. Males, however, are able to spread their seed and move on. While females can produce perhaps dozens of offspring in their lifetime, males can literally produce hundreds (given the opportunities). The traditional sexual shyness of women, and the social stigma attached to promiscuous females (“sluts”), can be traced to our evolutionary history. Females are, simply put, far more valuable as reproductive assets than men, more valuable to the survival of humanity – which is why when a ship is sinking, we tend to save them first. Sure it takes and man and a woman to procreate, but it really only takes one man to procreate with many women. This explains why we hold doors open for women, why we have the expression “ladies first,” why, in short, chivalry is a virtue. Women are a limited resource, whereas men are a dime a dozen. Women are the more valuable sex – and they are realizing it.

With the ever growing power of women in society, and the realization that they literally don't need men (very often at least), we are fast approaching a crossroads. Men are as much the victims of evolution as women are. Millions of years have honed our attention to the female body, indeed we literally contemplate copulation every few seconds. We are the sex which attempts to have intercourse with as many partners as possible, and are proud of doing so. We are, in short, the weaker sex – and this must change. I propose a dramatic course of action. We would never consider rebuilding the glass ceiling, nor should we, for this would undo so much of the progress humanity has made. The time has come for men to change. As the reproductive value and relative power of men decreases, we must artificially keep our value at least equal to that of women. In short, we need to become the selective sex. Yes, we can reproduce many times in our life, but we surely don't have to. The new initiative I suggest is simple enough: men must, for the good of men everywhere, cease and desist. As any economist knows, the demand increases as supply decreases. Men throughout the ages have flooded the market with cheap and easy genetic material. To keep our value high we must self impose a tariff on our own merchandise. Yes, we can sleep with as many women as we are able, but should we? Men and women should open doors for each other, but this will only manifest given careful guidance and force of will on the part of men. Women are naturally valuable, we can only become so by force of will. The next time easy copulation is at hand, I urge men everywhere to consider the facts, to reevaluate their self worth, and to say “no” to promiscuity. If we all do our part, the world may yet be a safe place for men.