Friday, July 6, 2012

Somalia's political stagnation: UN backed authoritarianism

ICG Communiqué of July 4, 2012: What does it mean?

Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
 Ismail D. Osman 

The public had high expectations that something tangible would come out of the International Contact Group (ICG) meeting in Rome, Italy on July 4. Now, with less than 2 months left before the presidential elections, the ICG gave the roadmap signatories the last mandate that will only expedite a shady process explicitly designed to keep the status quo unchanged. In November, 2008, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the special representative of the secretary-general of the UN, created a monster parliament of 550 parliamentarians. The goal was very simple: get a quick fix, no matter what.   The consequence of that decision is clearly evident after almost 4 years. A corrupt institution headed by a clueless president and a deposed speaker who are ready to buy the power for another 4 years.  It is ironic that the international community spends tax payer money on a fraudulent roadmap.