Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For the Bible tells me so: Todd Akin and Legitimate Rape

Sean Ewart

Congressman Todd Akin, of Missouri's 2nd District, opened up to the media, Sunday, about his Bible-based opinions on rape.

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is not ending his pursuit of a Senate seat this fall. This news comes after nearly two full days of his colleagues, Republican leaders from across the nation, declaring their outrage at comments the Congressman made Sunday. His only crime, in the eye's of most of his Republican cohorts, is speaking too freely with the press.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is Time for Visionary Young Leaders in Somalia

 August election marred by corruption fears
 Ismail D. Osman 

As the term of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government comes to an end this August, 2012, there is hope that the new political dispensation will bring positive outcomes. It will be a new milestone if the transition to embrace the creation of a quality parliament that will elect a respectable speaker and president is achieved. This will send a strong signal that we are finally heading in the right direction and will mark a new chapter for the return of Somalia as a respected partner in the international community. However, the task ahead will demand a new direction with strong leadership and vision.