Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why is nobody protesting Sequestration?

Erik Pikas

It's going to be fine...

Last week thousands of people protested in Albany, New York, over new gun regulations.

Meanwhile, no one seems to be protesting the evisceration of our government by massive budget cuts foisted on the public under the Orwellian name 'sequestration.'

On Friday massive government spending cuts went into effect. Millions of American citizens who have jobs working for companies with government contracts will suffer pay cuts or job loss. Companies like the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which makes ships for our Navy, will take a hit. It means less access to preschool for children. It means less training for our service members in every branch of the armed forces. It means less law enforcement on the street. It means fewer Food and Drug Administration food inspectors, which means higher food prices for you at the grocery store on everything from eggs to steak! 

It means less environmental protection, and this is what the traitorous leaders who refused to compromise were really after. Their agenda is really about easier access to US fossil fuels with less environmental oversight. 

They are not going to hire you. They are not going to protect your health or leave a nice place for your children. They are not even going to pass the savings on to you because they are going to sell on the world market where demand is high, which will keep the prices high. 

So stop worrying about your guns, no one is coming to take them. With all of the new budget cuts there will be no way to enforce any new regulations. Instead ask yourself if, after the economy is truly devastated, and your water has been contaminated, and you and your family are sick, if you’ll be strong enough to hold the thing and aim it at yourself. 

You have been distracted into worrying about guns, when everything that really protects us is being ripped out from under our noses!

If you have time to travel and protest, don’t waste it protesting gun rights. Protest so called ‘sequestration.’ If you don’t have time to protest, write to your representatives. Tell them that you don’t support these harmful, thoughtless budget cuts. Tell them you want sensible budget cuts coupled with closing the tax loopholes that only benefit the extraordinarily rich. This is how democracy works. Use it or lose it. 

If somehow you think that ‘sequestration’ is "tough love," and just what this country needs, take a trip to Mexico. Leave your resort. You will change your mind.

Erik Pikas is studying Biology at the University at Albany. 

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  1. Writing your congressman does little. There's someone else writing them a check, not an email.