Code of Ethics

We at The Gadfly Press take our job as essayists seriously, and, so as not to misuse the trust put in us by our readers, pledge to uphold the following standards:
  1. All posts will be clearly labeled and cited. Web citations will include links to the original text and offline media will include references. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and aggregation will be obviously attributed and contained within quotation marks.
  2. Quotes, photos, videos, and facts will not be taken out of context. Our job is not to misrepresent the facts, but to present and interpret them.
  3. Errors will be corrected immediately upon their discovery.
  4. The Gadfly Press welcomes comments and discussion. However, we reserve the right to screen all comments before they are posted to filter for spam, hate speech, and slander.
  5. All content on The Gadfly Press is the original creation of the author as listed at the top of each post. 

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